Beauty Babble: Ink Face + Body Scrub Review!

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I hope you have all been incredibly well and that December has so far been treating you all wonderfully! – Wait what? December!? How and when?!

I know it feels like we are strangers, goodness it’s been a little while! Life has been incredibly busy these past few months but I have been really excited to get back into sharing with you all some more reviews on products that I have been trying lately, so I inkthought I would kick off the dry spell with something I am going absolutely mad for at the moment!


So what is Ink exactly? Ink has started making its way around social media platforms and profiles as of late, so I was really excited to get my hands on this to see what all this fuss was about. Ink is a Face and Body Scrub which is natural and organic, cruelty free, is made on Australian shores with Australian ingredients and contains the key ingredient being the latest craze in skincare, charcoal!

So let’s talk a bit about charcoal and why it’s been labeled as the new super ingredient for your skin!

Activated charcoal removes toxins from your skin and can help reduce the instances of acne and other skin impurities. It also works as a great make up remover, providing your skin with a more organic and natural choice in protecting your face from any unnecessary nasties! In conjunction with charcoal, the other ingredients such as coconut oil, sweet almond oil and rhassoul clay all work in symphony with one another to help soften, balance, moisture, ink 2nourish and regenerate the skin. A real winning combo to achieve youthful, clear skin!

What makes Ink even more enticing is the fact it can be used multiple ways! Prefer a mask over a scrub? Just add a lesser amount of water! Enjoy a good exfoliation? Add a little more water to make your portion go the extra mile! Unlike other loose scrubs that can cause a tonne of fall out and mess, Ink has a unique formula that molds together with its’ dense consistency that ensures a more controlled (and less messy!) application onto the face and body.

The day after my first application, I had a few break outs around my chin. I’m not the sort of person to get break outs, generally the odd one or two hormonal blemishes appear out of the shadows now and again, so it really was fast moving in drawing out the impurities. After a few days my skin definitely looked brighter and a lot cleaner from that one gentle scrub.

With a hint of spearmint through the earthy fragrances of the scrub, it really is something I have been reaching for every week to maintain my skin. I have substituted my makeup wipes for Ink and I am just loving how refreshed my skin feels after the removal process ink 3(unlike the irritation the constant wiping of makeup wipes does to my skin).

Overall, I would have to say that this scrub is definitely in a league of its own. Its niche properties are a real standout in a market that’s really taken to body scrubs, so it’s really encouraging to see a business like Ink take a different direction to separate themselves from the norm.

You can find Ink’s website and Instagram at the links below. Make sure to check them out and most importantly, make sure you give this scrub a try! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Instagram: @ink.body

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A Nations Divide.

For those who have been following me for quite a while now, you would be familiar with what used to be the main focus of my blog. Talking about life 178_kak-rasshifrovyvaetsya-abbre-847x477topics, issues, realities and trying to encourage and inspire you all on inspirational topics. As new opportunities have arisen, beauty has been my main focus these past few months, but with a current great debate taking place Australia wide, I felt this was an opportunity to weigh in on a topic dividing the nation.

Disclaimer: These are purely my own personal views. I am by no means disregarding or ruling out the opinions of others who may object to my views, however as a blogger I am able to utilise this space to create open discussion coming from a perspective that is my own.

Gay Marriage.

Some of you may have just cringed, while others just filled with pride. Two small words with such great meaning.
In recent months, we have seen a global statement come from the USA. In case you missed the spectacle behind Facebook turning el-rainbow, the legalisation of Gay Marriage had been approved. The symbolism that now, by law, same sex couples have the same legal rights to love, to be loved and to be legally recognised in becoming “one”.
First and foremost, BRAVO ‘MERICA! What a milestone, accomplishment and big statement made that literally changed the lives of millions in an instant and with that grand gesture came the bellowing support of others worldwide eager for their country’s government to follow suit, Australia in particular.

Now as I sit on the FOR side for Gay Marriage, it’s difficult for me to fully grasp the argument the opposing side have (to which I’m sure those against feel the same towards me). I was watching a panel discussion on TV recently and there were 2 comments that stuck with me. One persons’ views was that Gay Marriage is destructive to the lives of our children as a result of the confusion of what 2 men called “daddy” dropping little Johnny off to school may cause for instance. I mean come on, really? Isn’t that something that we could teach our children like we do everything else in life? I mean at one stage in his life I’m sure little Johnny was confused as to why little Tommy was calling another lady “mummy” too and that’s something that seems to get cleared up pretty early on in the lives of our little ones. Unlike adults, children are completely open minded and open to any possibility that’s thrown at them without so much as a hint of judgement. Then there was another that said that it’s not the moral compass in what “God wanted for his children”. I’m sure that god also didn’t want paedophiles running around the streets sexually assaulting and abducting our children just like he didn’t want thieves, murderers, terrorists or violent gangs to do what they do. I’m the furtherest thing from religious, I don’t believe in God as such, but what I do know from what is preached by those that do, is that God wanted love. He wanted to spread love and wanted others to choose love, for if there was love, than nothing else mattered. And to that you would say what exactly?

For me, love is love. Love can’t be determined by ones race or age so why their gender? I feel those that oppose Gay Marriage are the ones creating the stigma surrounding it. They are the ones creating its’ controversy by surrounding it with such negative light. I am yet to come across a same sex couple that have harmed a straight person/couple in some way because of their love for another man or woman. People act as though same sex couples rights’ differ to the norm because of who they are and who they love when in fact, it’s those that deem them unworthy of marriage equality that are harming the lives of others. Ever thought about that?

With Australia disappointing the hearts of millions nationally with a recent vote showing this historic moment will not appear in Parliament, it has me thinking. When can we as a nation be the change we want to see in the world? When will human rights finally get the social platform it deserves and when will Australia make it’s decision in freeing same sex couples of the stigma they are tarnished with? It pains me that generations from now, our children’s children will look back on this time, our time, in disbelief, struggling to understand why each individual human being wasn’t allowed the same rights as everyone else living in this wonderful and blessed country that we live in.

What you do not understand you should not control. We are living in a generation that is constantly evolving in leaps and bounds. A society that is accepting of race and diversity and because of that, same sex marriage is the next thing to cross the line. Don’t be the reason millions of people around the world can’t live their lives the way they want to just because you don’t agree or understand. Some things weren’t made to be understood or agreed upon by all, that’s the beauty of free speech and one’s opinions. But the equal rights of all should always be accepted. The times have changed and the wheels are in motion. What others do with their lives should in no way hinder your own. It’s time to allow others the same opportunity and be part of the generation and movement that supports the rights of all people no matter what their sexuality.

To those who oppose, I’m not saying you’re wrong. Heck I am by no means saying I am right. I just wanted to voice an opinion like many others are doing on this topic and using my blog as a platform to express just that. Take from this what you will. A lot of people live in sadness, uncomfortable to come out from the shadows and be comfortable in showing who they really are because of society’s knee jerk reaction to labels. Give everyone the opportunity to be who they are and live freely with no exceptions to the rules.

I hope to experience the day that the curtain falls and equal rights opens it’s doors to all Australian people, giving those the chance to live the life they’ve always wanted and always deserved.

Until next time..
TBP x.x


Beauty Babble: Designer Brands FULL FACE makeup review!

Hi loves!

I hope you have all been doing wonderfully! Apologies for the delay in my next posting, but I can assure you this one is worth the wait!

A few weeks ago I was sent an amazing package filled with lots of Designer Brands cosmetics! Prior to receiving this, I had heard of this brand and had seen numerous commercials on television about it. My understanding from the get-go was that their products were of a designer quality, but all for a drug store price so I was definitely excited to give them a go!
Let me take you all through what was included in this full  face make up selection!IMG_5929

Longwear 24 Hour Foundation (Sand Beige) $12.99: As a lover of ‘that base’ I am always eager to give new foundations a try so this one came as no exception. raThe consistency of this product is quite thick because of it’s full coverage and long wearing finish. For me this isn’t a problem as this type of product would be something I would reach to for a full days work or a night out. Now although it is a 24 hour wearing foundation, there is no way I would ever leave my make up on my face for that long, but in the job I am in at the moment I work 13 hours each day, so give a few hours either side of that, the longest I have been able to keep this foundation on to trial the longwear claim for was about 17 hours. In that time frame this product seriously did not budge! Not a single touch up required. This is absolutely a longwearing formula and one that doesn’t smudge or cake up. The only tiny thing that could bother some people is that it is fast drying, so once applied to the skin you will have to move fast to ensure an easy and even blend.

Natural Ground Minerals Bronzer $19.99: Sitting in the cooler months, bronzers are an absolute vital part of any make up routine to warm up our wintery skin, so wtthis product couldn’t have come at a better time. This mineral bronzer has a built in grinder that delicately shaves the formula from pressed to mineral in a matter of seconds! What I love about this is that it is mess free and you have complete control over the amount of product you shave off into the compact. This beautiful shade is shimmer free and completely buildable for those looking for a more darker bronzing finish.

Natural Ground Minerals Bush $14.99: Going hand in hand with it’s bronzing counterpart, the blush comes with the same grinding technique that shaves the Untitledlightest and finest minerals from the compact in order to achieve a flawless finish. With all of the nasty chemicals usually found in other mineral products eliminated, this lightweight product (like the bronzer) has been filled with all natural ingredients to really care for your skin. In a beautiful dusty pink shade, this colour is suited to all skin types and is again easily buildable for a more prominent colour on your cheeks.

CC Concealer Pen (Light Medium) $12.99: Nothing beats a correction pen that awsdoes it all so this is a must have in all beauty cases! An imperfection corrector, a highlighter and illuminator all in one. While covering your dark circles, you can also highlight the key points of your face like your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, cupids bow and the centre of your forehead. This product is a lightweight and smooth formula with the right amount of coverage to conceal the darkest of circles without creasing with it’s skin loving ingredients such as Caffeine to reduce puffiness and Pomegranate Extract to help brighten and retain moisture. With a simple twist of the pen, you’re on your way to fresh looking skin with this 3 in 1 wonder pen!

Retractable Pencil (Brown) $7.99: There’s nothing better than a creamyas longwearing eye pencil which is why DB Cosmetics has got the goods! With ingredients like Shea Butter and Cocoa your eyes are bound to be irritation free with no harsh chemicals needing to be applied to your eyes. With an abundance of black coal pencils, I thought I would try my luck at a brown shade for a more softer look against my blue eyes which is really making them pop! I am loving the wind up pencil giving that precise application and am a fan of the soft formula of the eye pencil. The colour payoff is great and again super buildable for a more desired dramatic and smokey eye look.

Quad Eye Shadow (Cocoa Brown) $9.99: These mineral eye shadow quads come in 4 perfectly picked shades to compliment a full eye look top to toe. These asafshades are super pigmented which means less is more and that these will be long lasting! Coming with a guide on where to place the numbered 1-4 colours, your crease, lid, eye brow bone, inner corner and lower lash line will be taken care of with these coordinated shades that have a soft and silky finish. I also received the quad in Smokey Charcoal which comes with a beautiful metallic colour payoff and shine. With 6 quads to choose from, there are colour palettes to suit all skin types and eye colours!

Beyond Amplifying Mascara (Blackest Black) $12.99: As a self-confessed mascara addict, I am always out there looking for the next best thing so after reading about this mascara my obsession was instant! DB Cosmetics have asweformulated a tubing formula which as it suggests, sets each lash in a water-resistant tube, yes, a tube! Not only does this keep the product from clumping and flaking throughout the day, it makes the removal process a breeze! I applied my Micellar Water to an eye make up pad and with gentle pressure and one wipe the mascara comes tubes! This protects your natural lashes from pulling out due to harsh mascara sticking to them. I literally haven’t seen anything like this before. I put the innovative tubing formula to the test and decided to pull the mascara from my lashes to see if like other brands my lashes would come out with it. I was shocked to see that all that came off was the precise tubing that was coating my lash. It’s actually an amazing concept and one that covers all bases with Argan Oil and Lash Food Complex which is also found in the formula to help promote longer, thicker and stronger lashes.

Longwear Lipstick $9.99: By this stage I noticed there is a bit of a theme with Designer Brands and some of their formula’s and that’s that they are longwearing, so their lipsticks were no different. Available in 12 different shades, I received Lilac Mist, Shocking Pink FullSizeRenderand  Blushing Rose. The formula of these lipsticks, although long lasting, are designed to glide onto your lips counteracting dryness and providing moisture and with their creamy formula, it does just that. The shades I received were on the lighter end of their colour chart but still had amazing colour pay off. 2 coats of the lipstick and the results are what you see above. For a lighter look this is absolutely achievable and can be achieved with one application if it’s a less dramatic look you were wanting or if you are working your way into wearing lipsticks!

BB Lip Balm (Belle Pink) $6.99: A 3 in 1 lip balm that provides all the benefits ofaqwe a lip gloss, lip treatment and lip plumper all in 1 applicator! This product contains ingredients that increase collagen production, soothes and nourishes your lips and also helps prevent UV damage. A real handbag necessity for all women looking to have that all in one product that takes care of your lips. The product is a thin and smooth formula and doesn’t feel sticky or tacky when applied, which is a huge plus in my opinion. This BB lip balm comes in 3 different shades which leave a refreshing drop of colour in a light pink, dark pink or nude shade when applied to add that subtle pop to your day or night make up look.

What I love most about Designer Brands is not only their affordable prices, but the quality of their products. Usually you have company’s that stand by the fact that their products are “this or that” and after purchasing them and trying them out for yourself your excitement is short lived with disappointment from your high expectations created by what they feed you. For me, this wasn’t at all the case with any of these products. After reading the description on each, every single one of them lived up to their reputation outlined on the website and THAT’S impressive!
Aside from all of that, Designer Brands promote their products to not be tested on animals and are not only Certified Cruelty Free but also Certified Vegan which is another huge reason to support brands like this. When I see affordable make up brands my first thought is usually that the products themselves will be cheap in quality. Not only is the packaging for Designer Brands to a high standard, but the formula of the products are just as good (some, if not better) than the high end designer brands you pay an absolute fortune for!

I encourage you ladies to give them a go and see for yourself! I love nothing more than finding home grown brands and businesses to support, so the fact there is an Australian cosmetics company that creates amazing products at an affordable price has got me excited!
I will leave you with this natural ‘day time look’ I created using only Designer Brands cosmetics. Enjoy your weekend my loves!

Until next time..
TBP x.x